At Rotal group we believe that:

“Nothing replaces excellence”.

With that vision, we are committed to offering our customers the most professional service combined with the best products!

  • Professionalism – We are committed to professionalism. Rotal Adhesives and Chemicals Ltd. / Greenline Global GG Ltd., for its employees, is committed to professionalism and continuous improvement in its areas of practice. Employees undergo advanced training and learning at suppliers around the world and in local and international courses. Excellence in work, self-control and quality assessments by factors outside the organization, continuous improvement and striving for a goal, are among the most important in the group’s goals. Management surveys encompass the rules of activities carried out in a set of values ​​in a routine, striving for continuous improvement of the parameters examined.

Innovation – We at Rotal are fully committed to constant innovation in the product while examining market needs and providing innovative solutions. We constantly strive for a comprehensive improvement of system quality and product quality.

Quality- Delivery of quality products at the highest level. Quality assurance at all levels to improve service and increase efficiency. Compliance with laws and standards, which strengthens the organization’s status in the industry and maintains a healthy body and a suitable work environment. Continuous improvement of the quality system and the environment. Conservation of the environment and minimal damage to nature and those around us.

  • Service- Customer service, which includes a quick, comprehensive and in-depth response, is a top value. Commitment to address each request in a professional and comprehensive manner. Commitment to sell in accordance with the rules, orders and laws in force and accompanied by appropriate paperwork.

Sustainability – We are committed and operate strictly according to the three guiding principles of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. Every decision made in the group ensures that every impact we make is fully in line with these principles.

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